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Airbrushing vs. Tanning Beds...

A perfect option to the traditional dangerous ways of getting a gorgeous tan is to consider an alternative method such as spray tanning. Unlike the tanning beds or conventional sunbathing, spray tanning uses an FDA approved safe formula to give you a beautiful bronze body.


All sunless tanning products use a natural process derived from sugar cane or sugar beets called DHA. DHA (Di-Hydroxy-Acetone) is the active ingredient in sunless tanning products and is a safe FDA approved chemical for tanning. Manufacturers will mix the DHA with various other compounds to produce various finished effects and make their spray tanning solution unique. Norvell is the leader in the spray tanning industry, that is why Spray Tan Unlimited uses their products exclusively.


Since prolonged exposure to the sun and using a tanning bed can result in early aging, wrinkles, painful sunburn, blistering or even skin cancers like melanoma, a wise choice to obtaining a beautiful tan will be to explore more deeply the benefits of spray tanning. This effective method is easy to apply and easy to maintain.





How it works?

You contact us and set up an appointment. We travel to your desired location, set up a "tanning tent" and use an airbrush technique to apply a flawless golden tan. Once we are finished we pack up and are on our way. No muss no fuss. The beauty of the "tanning tent" is there with no need for worry about overspray. The tent catches everything that doesn't land on you. Our equipment all packs into a bag and does not need a lot of room to work. Any 5x5 open space with sufficient lighting will do.



Reviews from our clients...


Kelli S. "This service is great! I am so glad I found out about it. The tan is so natural looking and lasts me for about 7 days. I get so many compliments on the color of the spray tan. I would recommend Spray Tan Unlimited to anyone that wants to get a awesome natural bronze tan."


Beckie G. "I found out about Spray Tan Unlimited when my best friend wanted to have a Spray Tan Party. They showed up on time the tech was very professional and great company. We all got our spray tans and it only took about 5 minutes each. I got the best bronze tan ever! I now use their service all the time


Jason K. "I was going on vacation and wanted to get a instant dark tan before I left. I thought I would try the spray tanning solution and I was over impressed with the ease and the look of the tan. I now use their service on a regular basis."


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